Are you a professional sportswoman?

No, I am not a professional sportswoman.  I have no way near those results.  I do all my sports on a hobby level.


How long have you been doing it?

I used to swim from the age of 6 to 14.  From the age of 14 to 27, I used to take aerobics classes and workout classes at an average of 3 times per week.  Since the age of 27 ( now 11 years ) I do running, and since the age of 35 ( now 2 years ) I do triathlon.


How much time do you spend on training per week?

Running I started with 3 times per week, at an average of 6-7 kilometers.  I increased  the distance and the time gradually.

An average week can look like this today:

Running:  4-5 times per week – an average of 70 kilometers

Cycling:  in the summer 3 times per week outside.  From autumn until spring, I do spinning and home trainer twice a week.

Swimming:  in the summer 3 times per week, and from autumn until spring – twice a week.

Workout:  upper body, and buttocks ( no cardio and legs ):  twice a week.


What are your results?


Best on 5 kilometers:  19h 50 min (2018)

Half marathon: 1h 27 min 26 s (2018)

Marathon: 3h 17 min 50 s

Ultrabalaton (212 K) in pair: 18h 36 min (2015 – 214 K) and 19:16 (2019 – 221 K)



5i50 olympic: 2h 36 mins (2018)

70.3 half:  5h 16 mins 30 sec (2019)


When do you workout?

In the morning I workout almost every day for an hour – most likely spinning/roller, running, swimming or gym.

Quite often I go running on my lunch hour, and I take my lunch at my desk.

I usually do workout when I take my children to their trainings.

Tuesday night my family has given me a night out.  I use it for sports.

At weekends, I do most of the longer trainings and the double workouts.


What do you eat?

I watch what I eat, and I prefer quality to quantity.

In the morning I take natural oat flakes with yoghurt or kefir.  I take no particular notice on how much sugar it contains.  During the day, for snacks, I eat fruits, muesli bars, or toasted soybeans.

At lunch, I almost always have meat, or cheese prepared in some way or the other.

Mostly I eat it without any side dish, but if I take it with garnish, I mostly have a salad, or some raw vegetables.

In the afternoon I have some fruits.

For dinner, I only eat proteins such as: ham, cheese, kefir, yoghurt, and meat.  Some raw vegetables added to that.

I do not eat any bread-products , potatoes or pasta at all.  Rice only very rarely, in case I do, only during the day.  I don’t eat sweets.

If at any time I desire some chocolate, pizza or cheese pasta, I usually ask a small spoon from my family members or friends, just for the taste, and this is the most difficult part, only to have a small taste, and no more.  If you train yourself to do this, you have won your diet case.


Do you take supplements?

Once a day I drink a milk based multivitamin smoothie, to which I add a spoonful of animal protein and a spoonful of mixed fibers.  I drink this, because I don’t get the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals in my daily diet.


Do you take any performance enhancing, optimizing preparations before workout and races?

During my daily training routines I normally just drink clear water.  For the summer routines I usually bring iso-drinks.  For the longer running passes, I take a protein bar or a muesli bar.

At the races, apart from my iso-drinks, I normally take the following things from the table: water, banana, glucose, tomatoes and coke.

I do not use any jelly either.  I however do believe, that in the near future, I will have to consider some added preparations, as I think, that beyond a point, this has a big impact on achieving better results, just the same way as diet has.


Did you give natural birth to your children?

Yes, all three of them.


Did you do any workout during nursing?

Yes I did, and I didn’t change anything in my diet either, and had no problems nursing.


Did you do workout during your pregnancies?

Yes I did, all through them.  During my first pregnancy, I did not do running, only cardio and workout.  During my second and third pregnancies, I was running until the third trimester.  After that I did workout again, but not the usual pregnancy exercises, just the normal workout, without the abs routine.  I do like to underline the important fact here, that during all my pregnancies, I was never considered being a risk pregnancy, and had no complications whatsoever.


After your pregnancies, when did you start training again?

After my first one, I waited 3 weeks, but after the second one already after 2 weeks.  After my third and last one, I went on a running spree for 4 kilometers, from our summerhouse already on the 6th day.  I did the abs exercises immediately, and I wore pressure knickers from the day of giving birth.


How about injuries?

I strongly believe, that above a certain age, and with an elevated amount of training, it is unfortunately inevitable.  After giving birth, my knees hurt, my back hurt from cross country running,  and I also got spur from running.  In effect, these were those injuries that needed medical attention for a longer period.  I have also had some smaller injuries, where a couple of days or weeks rest has done the deed.  Fortunately however, I have managed to get through all of them with a smile on my face.