About Me

I am a mother, woman and a passionate runner.

It was not planned, it just formed and developed to this unity, that I call my life.

From the age of 27, children started arriving as wonderful gifts into my life, and duly managed to turn it upside down as well.  They changed my emotional values, my daily routines, and my happy-go-lucky life ended up backstage.  This was 11 years ago, and since then, my life’s rhythm has slowly changed.  So in effect, my own personal time, – parallel with my role as a mother, which I consider to be the most natural form of bonding in ones life – I found in sports.

Running became a passion, and triathlon knocked on my door when I got injured one summer….and indeed we got on so well, that it stayed.  This naturally gave birth to the fact, that I have to increase my training time.  However, in my mind there is this rhyme, that I have time for all the things that I want to do.  Everything can be solved, there is time for everything, at least those things that I am sure that I really want.

My experience is, that people in general don’t have time to think in this day and age.  We like to relax, but not switch off.  In general, the time that we spend on ourselves, is considered as being egoistic, and so not in vogue any more.  Monotonous sport done on your own, relaxes you, is good for your soul, and character strengthening.  It gives you new goals, endurance and willpower.  It sure is a metamorphosis on all levels.

At the same time, sports and aesthetics always walked hand in hand in my world.  There were times when I took to sports to stay pretty and fit, however those times are gone, and today, I do it for myself and my soul, and if the byproduct is the fact that I keep fit and stay pretty, hey that is alright with me.

I like beauty, I like proportionality, I like fragility, I like endurance, I like strength, I like elegance, and most of all I like beauty, with the depth of a soul, and hard work.  These are my aims, this is where I am at home.

I am an average woman, with a day to day job, cheeky children, and an average lifestyle, with loving people around me.  I would like to think, that any woman could believe, that we can achieve goals parallel to managing a family and a day to day job.  That we can make time for ourselves, that there is “raison d’etre” for that particular feminine desire to stay pretty…it is not a question of money, fame or genetics.  It is a decision.